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Glycogen - Гликоген - Глікоген


GLYCOGEN, a polymer of the sugar glucose, functions as a reserve of energy and structural building blocks in organisms from bacteria to humans. It is synthesized when nutrients are available for utilization in times of need. In mammals, the two largest deposits of glycogen are in skeletal muscle and liver; muscle glycogen is utilized locally to help fuel muscular activity, whereas liver glycogen is broken down to glucose that is delivered into the bloodstream. After a meal, elevated blood glucose causes the hormone insulin to be released from the pancreas and to stimulate conversion of ingested glucose into glycogen in muscle, liver, and other tissues. Upon fasting, such as overnight, the pancreatic hormone glucagon signals the breakdown of liver glycogen to stabilize blood glucose levels, essential for brain and blood cell function. The hormone epinephrine stimulates glycogen breakdown in liver and muscle to cope with stressful situations.

Гликоген — полисахарид, образованный остатками глюкозы; основной запасной углевод человека и животных. Гликоген (также иногда называемый животным крахмалом) является основной формой хранения глюкозы в животных клетках (в печени).
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Key words: Medical Dictionary Glossary, Histological and Embryological terms, Life Science, health, Scientific terminology, Molecular Biology & Cytology. Ключевые слова: Словарь, значение, медицинский словарь терминов; Довідник справочник морфологических терминов. Относится к здравоохранению и здоровью человека и животных. Анатомия, гистология, эмбриология, цитология.
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