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Metalloproteases - Металлопротеиназы - Металопротеінази


METALLOPROTEASES are a class of enzymes that use protein-bound metal ion(s) and a coordinated water molecule to catalyze the addition of water to a peptide bond. Proteases are necessary for the survival of all living creatures, and are encoded by, 2% of the genes in all kinds of organisms. They are an exceptionally important group of enzymes in biology, medical research, and biotechnology.
MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASES (MMPs), also called matrixins, are a group of structurally related proteolytic enzymes containing a zinc ion in the active site. They are secreted from cells or bound to the plasma membrane and hydrolyze extracellular matrix (ECM) and cell surface molecules. The first MMP to be identified was collagenase in the tadpole tail undergoing metamorphosis, exemplifying the importance of ECM-degrading proteinases in tissue remodeling. Numerous lines of evidence have now shown that they play key roles in embryonic development, organ morphogenesis, ovulation, embryo implantation, nerve growth, bone remodeling, wound healing, angiogenesis, and apoptosis. Under such physiological conditions MMP activities are regulated in accordance with matrix synthesis at the level of transcription, activation of the precursor zymogens, interaction with ECM and cell surface molecules, and inhibition by endogenous inhibitors. Many cell types have the ability to synthesize MMPs but their production is tightly controlled by growth factors, cytokines, physical stress to the cell, oncogenic transformation, hormones, cell–cell and cell– ECM interactions. Aberrant activities of MMPs are often associated with the progression of diseases such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, nephritis, neuro-degenerative diseases, periodontal disease, skin ulceration, gastric ulcer, corneal ulceration, liver fibrosis, emphysema, fibrotic lung, and many others.
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Металлопротеины — сложные белки, в состав молекул которых входят также ионы одного или нескольких металлов.
Выделяют особый подкласс металлопротеинов — металлоферменты (в частности, МЕТАЛЛОПРОТЕИНАЗЫ). Это белки, обладающие ферментативной активностью и содержащие катионы металлов.

Одной из первых металлопротеиназ была идентифицирована коллагеназа, участвующая в перестройке межклеточного вещества.
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