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Trehalose - Трегалоза - Трегалоза


TREHALOSE is a nonreducing disaccharide of glucose in which the two glucoses are linked in an α,α-1,1-linkage. This rather simple sugar is widespread throughout the biological kingdom, being found in bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, insects, plants, and so on. In these various organisms, this sugar can serve a number of key functions: as a storehouse of energy and carbon, as a protectant and stabilizer of cell membranes and proteins during stress, as a signaling molecule, and as a structural component of various glycolipids in bacterial cell walls. There are at least three different pathways for the synthesis of trehalose in various organisms, and several or all of these pathways may be present in the same organism. The fact that an organism may have multiple routes for the synthesis of trehalose strongly suggests that this sugar must be essential for the survival of the organism.
trehalose - structure
The first report on the presence of trehalose in living cells was in 1832 when trehalose was tentatively identified in ergot of rye by Wiggers. Since that report, this sugar has been isolated from many different organisms, including yeast and fungi where it occurs in spores, fruiting bodies, and vegatative cells.
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ТРЕГАЛОЗА — углевод из группы невосстанавливающих дисахаридов. В природной трегалозе 2 остатка D-глюкозы связаны α,α-гликозидной связью.
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