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A woman 25 years, a month after giving birth complained to the doctor about the decline in milk formation. The lack of what hormone resulted in such state?

In a sick women as a result of inflammation, the endocrine function of follicle cells of the ovary is broken. Synthesis of which hormones would be affected?

A histological picture of the endometrium has the following characteristic signs: edema, presence of convoluted glands with widened lumen (which secrete plenty of mucus), no mitotic cells, and decidual cells in the stroma. What stage of ovarian cycle is described?

At the microscopic research on a biopsy material of the endometrium of a woman, who suffers infertility, it was found out that there were changes in its structure, caused by the action of hormone progesterone. Where is this hormone produced?

During a research on amniotic fluid, taken by amniocentesis (puncture of amniotic cavity), it was discovered cells with sexual chromatin in their nuclei (Barr body). What can be said most probable about this?

Stopping of bleeding after births is connected with the influence of oxytocin on the wall of uterus. What envelope of this organ reacts as a result of the action of this hormone?

The ovary specimen colored with hematoxylin-eosin contains a follicle, in which cubic-shaped epithelium cells are placed in 1-2 layers, and a bright-red membrane is seen around the ovocyte. Name this follicle:

A women of 35 years was diagnosed having infertility. In the gynecology department a diagnostic biopsy of the endometrium was done. Microscopically it was determined that uterine mucosa is edematous, uterine glands are convoluted and filled with a thick secretion. What hormone causes such changes in endometrium?

What is the acidophilic glycoprotein coat which surrounds the oocyte?

A 30-year-old women exhibits signs of virilism (growth of body hair, balding temples, menstrual disorders). This condition can be caused by the overproduction of the following hormone(s):

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