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A cell of granular endoplasmatic reticulum is at the stage of translation, when mRNA advances to the ribosomes. Amino acids get bound by peptide bonds in a certain sequence thus causing polypeptide biosynthesis. The sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide corresponds with the sequence of:

In case of some helminthiases, an affected person can detect helminth himself because mature segments of the causative agent are able to crawl out of the anus. This is typical for the following disease:

Carious cavities of a 29-year-old patient contain parasitic protozoa. It is determined that they relate to the Sarcodina class. Specify these single-celled organisms:

A patient complains of frequent bowel movements and stool with blood admixtures ("raspberry jelly"stool). Microscopic examination revealed large mononuclear cells with absorbed red blood cells. What protozoon is this morphological structure typical for?

Examination of an 18-year-old girl revealed the following features: ovarian hypoplasia, broad shoulders, narrow hips, shortening of the lower extremities, webbed neck. Mental development is normal. The patient has been diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome. What chromosomal abnormality does this patient have?

Experimental studies revealed steroid hormones to have an effect on proteosynthesis. They influence synthesis of the following substances:

A woman who had been consuming alcohol excessively during her pregnancy had a child with cleft palate and upper lip. These presentations are indicative of some chromosomal anomalies. What process do they result from?

Genealogical study of a family with hereditary enamel hypoplasia has revealed that the disease occurs in every generation. In women, the anomaly occurs more frequently than in men. Male patients only pass this trait to their daughters. What type of inheritance takes place in this case?

It is known that the gene responsible for the development of the MN blood groups has two allelic states. If the gene M is considered as the initial gene, the allelic gene N appeared due to:

A patient suffers from mutation of a gene that corresponds with hemoglobin synthesis. This condition led to development of sickle-cell disease. Name the pathological hemoglobin characteristic of this disease:

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