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If a trait is determined mostly by genetic factors, the percentage of concordance between the twins is much higher in monozygotic twins than in dizygotic ones. What is the percentage of blood group concordance in monozygotic twins?

A child presents with body shortness, mental deficiency, mongoloid palpebral fissures, epicanthal fold, enlarged grooved tongue protruding from the mouth, high palate, maldentition, diastema, cross striation of lips. What hereditary disease are these presentations typical for?

Examples of human-specific parasites are malaria plasmodium, enterobius vermicularis and some other. The source of invasion of such parasites is always a human. Such human-specific parasites cause diseases that are called:

A shepherd who has tended sheep together with dogs presents with chest pain and blood spitting. X-ray examination revealed a roundish neoplasm in his lungs. Immunological reactions confirmed the provisional diagnosis. Specify the helminth that might have caused this disease:

As a result of treatment of viral RNA with nitrous acid, UCA triplet mutated to UGA triplet. What kind of mutation occurred?

Cytochemical investigation has revealed high content of hydrolytic enzymes in cytoplasm. This phenomenon indicates high activity of the following organelles:

Nucleoli of nuclei have been damaged due to tissue culture nuclear irradiation. Regeneration of the following organelles becomes hampered in cytoplasm:

A patient has been preliminarily diagnosed withf paragonimiasis. This disease is caused by lung flukes. The causative agent entered into the patient’s body through:

In some areas of South Africa many people have sickle cell disease characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal sickle shape due to the substitution of glutamic acid for valine in the hemoglobin molecule. What is the cause of this disease?

A woman had been taking synthetic hormones during her pregnancy. Her newborn girl presents with excessive hairiness which has formal resemblance to adrenogenital syndrome. This sign of variability is called:

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