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According to the phenotypic diagnosis a female patient has been provisionally diagnosed with X-chromosome polysomia. This diagnosis can be confirmed by a cytogenetic method. What karyotype will allow to confirm the diagnosis?

A physician collects the patient’s history of the post-embryonic period of ontogenesis from birth to puberty. In this case we are talking about:

It is known that the gene responsible for the development of the MN blood groups has two allelic states. If the gene M is considered as the initial gene, the allelic gene N appeared due to:

A female with Rh-negative blood of A (II) type has a child with AB (IV) type who has been diagnosed with hemolytic disease resulting from Rh-conflict. What blood type may the baby’s father have?

Enamel hypoplasia is caused by a dominant gene localized in the X chromosome. Mother has a normal enamel, and father has enamel hypoplasia. Which of children will have this anomaly?

Microscopy of perianal folds scrape has revealed colourless eggs in the shape of asymmetrical ovals sized 50x23 micrometers. Name the kind of helminth.

Experimental studies revealed steroid hormones to have an effect on proteosynthesis. They influence synthesis of the following substances:

When examining a female patient a doctor observed the following: misshapen auricles, elevated palate, teeth growth disorder; mental retardation; no disruption of reproductive function. Provisional diagnosis is the "super woman"syndrome. Point out the karyotype of this disease:

While examining a blood smear taken form a patient and stained by Romanovsky’s method a doctor revealed some protozoa and diagnozed the patient with Chagas disease. What protozoan is the causative agent of this disease?

During an abdominal surgery a 46-year-old patient working at a meat processing plant was found to have a very dense roundish formation 11 cm in diameter which was localized in the right lobe of the liver. The cross-section of the formation has a porous appearance due to a large number of small vesicles with layers of dense connective tissue. The surrounding tissues have visible necrotic areas and proliferation of granulation tissue including many eosinophils and foreign body giant cells. What disease can be thought of in this case?

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