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In case of some helminthiases, an affected person can detect helminth himself because mature segments of the causative agent are able to crawl out of the anus. This is typical for the following disease:

A woman who had been consuming alcohol excessively during her pregnancy had a child with cleft palate and upper lip. These presentations are indicative of some chromosomal anomalies. What process do they result from?

A physician collects the patient’s history of the post-embryonic period of ontogenesis from birth to puberty. In this case we are talking about:

Phenylketonuria is a disease caused by a recessive gene that is localized in an autosome. Parents are heterozygous for this gene. They already have two sons with phenylketonuria and one healthy daughter. What is the probability that their fourth child will have the disease too?

Microscopy of dental plaque revealed unicellular organisms. Their cytoplasm had two distinct layers, barely visible core, wide pseudopodia. The patient is most likely to have:

Carious cavities of a 29-year-old patient contain parasitic protozoa. It is determined that they relate to the Sarcodina class. Specify these single-celled organisms:

Genetic information is stored in DNA but does not participate directly in protein synthesis within DNA cells. What process ensures transfer of genetic information into polypeptide chain?

A shepherd who has tended sheep together with dogs presents with chest pain and blood spitting. X-ray examination revealed a roundish neoplasm in his lungs. Immunological reactions confirmed the provisional diagnosis. Specify the helminth that might have caused this disease:

Mother and father are healthy. Mother underwent amniocentesis for fetal karyotyping. The fetal karyotype turned out to be 45, XO. What syndrome can be expected in a newborn baby?

A puncture sample taken from the lymph node of a patient with preliminary diagnosis of protozoan disease has been investigated. The preparation was processed with Giemsa stain and the following was detected: crescent-shaped bodies with pointed tips, blue cytoplasm and red nuclei. What protozoa have been detected in the preparation?

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