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Genetic information is stored in DNA but does not participate directly in protein synthesis within DNA cells. What process ensures transfer of genetic information into polypeptide chain?

A puncture sample taken from the lymph node of a patient with preliminary diagnosis of protozoan disease has been investigated. The preparation was processed with Giemsa stain and the following was detected: crescent-shaped bodies with pointed tips, blue cytoplasm and red nuclei. What protozoa have been detected in the preparation?

After arriving in the polar region, researchers from Australia have complained of nervous disorders, loss of appetite, aggravation of chronic diseases for 6 months. What process has been disrupted in extreme conditions?

As a result of treatment of viral RNA with nitrous acid, UCA triplet mutated to UGA triplet. What kind of mutation occurred?

In Western Europe nearly half of all congenital malformations occur in the children conceived in the period, when pesticides were used extensively in the region. Those congenital conditions result from the following influence:

Human X chromosome contains a dominant gene that is reponsible for normal blood clotting. An autosomal dominant gene plays a similar role. Lack of any of these genes leads to the coagulation disorder. The form of interaction between these genes is called:

A young couple has a child with encephalopathy. A doctor determined this disease to be caused by mitochondrial DNA disorder. In what way are mitochondrial pathologies inherited?

A man visited Lebanon. Soon after return he felt pain and heaviness in the perineum and suprapubic region. On examination he was diagnosed with urogenital schistosomiasis. In what way could he become infected?

X-chromatin test of somatic cells is used for quick diagnostics of hereditary diseases caused by variations of sex chromosomes number. What is the karyotype of a male, whose cells mostly contain one X-chromatin body?

If a trait is determined mostly by genetic factors, the percentage of concordance between the twins is much higher in monozygotic twins than in dizygotic ones. What is the percentage of blood group concordance in monozygotic twins?

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