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Mother and father are healthy. Mother underwent amniocentesis for fetal karyotyping. The fetal karyotype turned out to be 45, XO. What syndrome can be expected in a newborn baby?

A puncture sample taken from the lymph node of a patient with preliminary diagnosis of protozoan disease has been investigated. The preparation was processed with Giemsa stain and the following was detected: crescent-shaped bodies with pointed tips, blue cytoplasm and red nuclei. What protozoa have been detected in the preparation?

During reproduction of some RNA-containing viruses that cause tumors in animals, genetic information can be transmitted in the opposite direction from the RNA to the DNA via a specific enzyme. The enzyme of reverse transcription is called:

A woman who had been consuming alcohol excessively during her pregnancy had a child with cleft palate and upper lip. These presentations are indicative of some chromosomal anomalies. What process do they result from?

Microscopy of perianal folds scrape has revealed colourless eggs in the shape of asymmetrical ovals sized 50x23 micrometers. Name the kind of helminth.

A female with Rh-negative blood of A (II) type has a child with AB (IV) type who has been diagnosed with hemolytic disease resulting from Rh-conflict. What blood type may the baby’s father have?

A woman had been taking synthetic hormones during her pregnancy. Her newborn girl presents with excessive hairiness which has formal resemblance to adrenogenital syndrome. This sign of variability is called:

During an abdominal surgery a 46-year-old patient working at a meat processing plant was found to have a very dense roundish formation 11 cm in diameter which was localized in the right lobe of the liver. The cross-section of the formation has a porous appearance due to a large number of small vesicles with layers of dense connective tissue. The surrounding tissues have visible necrotic areas and proliferation of granulation tissue including many eosinophils and foreign body giant cells. What disease can be thought of in this case?

Cytochemical investigation has revealed high content of hydrolytic enzymes in cytoplasm. This phenomenon indicates high activity of the following organelles:

Human X chromosome contains a dominant gene that is reponsible for normal blood clotting. An autosomal dominant gene plays a similar role. Lack of any of these genes leads to the coagulation disorder. The form of interaction between these genes is called:

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