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Phenylketonuria is a disease caused by a recessive gene that is localized in an autosome. Parents are heterozygous for this gene. They already have two sons with phenylketonuria and one healthy daughter. What is the probability that their fourth child will have the disease too?

When examining a female patient a doctor observed the following: misshapen auricles, elevated palate, teeth growth disorder; mental retardation; no disruption of reproductive function. Provisional diagnosis is the "super woman"syndrome. Point out the karyotype of this disease:

Nucleoli of nuclei have been damaged due to tissue culture nuclear irradiation. Regeneration of the following organelles becomes hampered in cytoplasm:

A hospital in Donetsk region admitted the patients - members of the same family - with eyelid and face edemata, fever, eosinophilia, headache, muscle pain. The disease developed on the 7-10 day after eating pork sausage sent by the patients’ relatives from Khmelnitsky region. What is your provisional diagnosis?

After arriving in the polar region, researchers from Australia have complained of nervous disorders, loss of appetite, aggravation of chronic diseases for 6 months. What process has been disrupted in extreme conditions?

A man visited Lebanon. Soon after return he felt pain and heaviness in the perineum and suprapubic region. On examination he was diagnosed with urogenital schistosomiasis. In what way could he become infected?

It is known that the gene responsible for the development of the MN blood groups has two allelic states. If the gene M is considered as the initial gene, the allelic gene N appeared due to:

Examination of an 18-year-old girl revealed the following features: ovarian hypoplasia, broad shoulders, narrow hips, shortening of the lower extremities, webbed neck. Mental development is normal. The patient has been diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome. What chromosomal abnormality does this patient have?

During reproduction of some RNA-containing viruses that cause tumors in animals, genetic information can be transmitted in the opposite direction from the RNA to the DNA via a specific enzyme. The enzyme of reverse transcription is called:

In case of some helminthiases, an affected person can detect helminth himself because mature segments of the causative agent are able to crawl out of the anus. This is typical for the following disease:

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