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A patient complains of frequent bowel movements and stool with blood admixtures ("raspberry jelly"stool). Microscopic examination revealed large mononuclear cells with absorbed red blood cells. What protozoon is this morphological structure typical for?

As a result of treatment of viral RNA with nitrous acid, UCA triplet mutated to UGA triplet. What kind of mutation occurred?

Experimental studies revealed steroid hormones to have an effect on proteosynthesis. They influence synthesis of the following substances:

In some areas of South Africa many people have sickle cell disease characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal sickle shape due to the substitution of glutamic acid for valine in the hemoglobin molecule. What is the cause of this disease?

Chromosomal complement of a woman contains a chromosome with arms p and q of equal length. What morphological type does this chromosome belong to?

A diet must include fats. Fats perform plastic function in an organism due to their inclusion in:

A puncture sample taken from the lymph node of a patient with preliminary diagnosis of protozoan disease has been investigated. The preparation was processed with Giemsa stain and the following was detected: crescent-shaped bodies with pointed tips, blue cytoplasm and red nuclei. What protozoa have been detected in the preparation?

Patients suffering from xeroderma pigmentosum have extremely photosensitive skin due to disrupted excision repair. Specify the process that is affected in such patients:

If a trait is determined mostly by genetic factors, the percentage of concordance between the twins is much higher in monozygotic twins than in dizygotic ones. What is the percentage of blood group concordance in monozygotic twins?

Microscopy of dental plaque revealed unicellular organisms. Their cytoplasm had two distinct layers, barely visible core, wide pseudopodia. The patient is most likely to have:

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