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Genealogical study of a family with hereditary enamel hypoplasia has revealed that the disease occurs in every generation. In women, the anomaly occurs more frequently than in men. Male patients only pass this trait to their daughters. What type of inheritance takes place in this case?

DNA replication occurs during the cell division when a signal is received from the cytoplasm, and a certain portion of the DNA helix is unwound and divided into two chains. The helix is unwound by the following enzyme:

Examination of duodenal contents revealed some pyriform protozoa with twin nuclei and four pairs of flagella. There were two supporting filaments between the nuclei and a suctorial disc on the ventral side. What representative of protozoa was revealed in this patient?

A patient complains of frequent bowel movements and stool with blood admixtures ("raspberry jelly"stool). Microscopic examination revealed large mononuclear cells with absorbed red blood cells. What protozoon is this morphological structure typical for?

A patient has roundish ulcers on his face, inflammation and enlargement of lymph nodes. These symptoms turned up as a result of mosquito bites. Laboratory examination of discharge from the ulcers revealed unicellular a flagellar organisms. What is the most probable diagnosis?

A woman is diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome (karyotype 45, X0). How many autosomal pairs would her somatic cells contain?

A woman got infected with rubella during pregnancy. The child was born with malformations, namely cleft lip and palate. The child’s genotype is normal. These malformations are a manifestation of:

A patient suffers from mutation of a gene that corresponds with hemoglobin synthesis. This condition led to development of sickle-cell disease. Name the pathological hemoglobin characteristic of this disease:

Nucleolus organizers of human chromosomes 13-15, 21, 22 include about 200 gene clusters that synthesize RNA. These chromosomal regions contain the information on the following type of RNA:

A hospital in Donetsk region admitted the patients - members of the same family - with eyelid and face edemata, fever, eosinophilia, headache, muscle pain. The disease developed on the 7-10 day after eating pork sausage sent by the patients’ relatives from Khmelnitsky region. What is your provisional diagnosis?

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