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Examination of a 28-year-old patient with hepatocerebral degeneration revealed an impairment of ceruloplasmin synthesis. This defect is associated with the following organelles:

Genealogical study of a family with hereditary enamel hypoplasia has revealed that the disease occurs in every generation. In women, the anomaly occurs more frequently than in men. Male patients only pass this trait to their daughters. What type of inheritance takes place in this case?

Experimental studies revealed steroid hormones to have an effect on proteosynthesis. They influence synthesis of the following substances:

After arriving in the polar region, researchers from Australia have complained of nervous disorders, loss of appetite, aggravation of chronic diseases for 6 months. What process has been disrupted in extreme conditions?

Microscopy of perianal folds scrape has revealed colourless eggs in the shape of asymmetrical ovals sized 50x23 micrometers. Name the kind of helminth.

A patient has roundish ulcers on his face, inflammation and enlargement of lymph nodes. These symptoms turned up as a result of mosquito bites. Laboratory examination of discharge from the ulcers revealed unicellular a flagellar organisms. What is the most probable diagnosis?

According to the phenotypic diagnosis a female patient has been provisionally diagnosed with X-chromosome polysomia. This diagnosis can be confirmed by a cytogenetic method. What karyotype will allow to confirm the diagnosis?

Studying the mitotic cycle phases of an onion root the researchers revealed a cell with chromosomes lying in equatorial plane in form of a star. What phase of mitosis is it?

A physician collects the patient’s history of the post-embryonic period of ontogenesis from birth to puberty. In this case we are talking about:

A 40-year-old patient presents with abdominal pain, frequent loose stools with mucus and blood. Stool analysis revealed vegetative forms of some protozoa sized 30-40 microns, with short pseudopodia, containing large amounts of phagocytosed erythrocytes. What protozoan disease does the patient have?

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