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Cytogenetic examination of a patient with dysfunction of the reproductive system revealed normal karyotype 46,XY in some cells, but most cells have Klinefelter’s syndrome karyotype - 47,ХХУ. Such phenomenon of cell inhomogeneity is called:

A concerned mother addressed a pediatrician with complaints of her child suffering from frequent stomachaches, loss of appetite, nausea, constipation. Feces analysis detected rounded eggs with double capsules and oncospheres localized in their centers. The child was diagnosed with hymenolepiasis. Specify the type of infection transmission, considering that the invasion intensity was extremely high:

In the armpits of a patient there are small (1-1,5 mm), dorsoventrally flattened, wingless, blood-sucking insects. Their larvae developed in the armpits too. What disease is caused by these insects?

In the perianal folds of a 5-year-old girl mother found white worms causing itch and anxiety, and took them to the laboratory. The study revealed white filament-like helminths 0,5-1 cm long, with pointed, sometimes twisted, ends. What diagnosis can be made?

Examination of duodenal contents revealed some pyriform protozoa with twin nuclei and four pairs of flagella. There were two supporting filaments between the nuclei and a suctorial disc on the ventral side. What representative of protozoa was revealed in this patient?

Microscopy of perianal folds scrape has revealed colourless eggs in the shape of asymmetrical ovals sized 50x23 micrometers. Name the kind of helminth.

Chromosomal complement of a woman contains a chromosome with arms p and q of equal length. What morphological type does this chromosome belong to?

During reproduction of some RNA-containing viruses that cause tumors in animals, genetic information can be transmitted in the opposite direction from the RNA to the DNA via a specific enzyme. The enzyme of reverse transcription is called:

According to the phenotypic diagnosis a female patient has been provisionally diagnosed with X-chromosome polysomia. This diagnosis can be confirmed by a cytogenetic method. What karyotype will allow to confirm the diagnosis?

It is known that the gene responsible for the development of the MN blood groups has two allelic states. If the gene M is considered as the initial gene, the allelic gene N appeared due to:

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