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A patient complains of frequent bowel movements and stool with blood admixtures ("raspberry jelly"stool). Microscopic examination revealed large mononuclear cells with absorbed red blood cells. What protozoon is this morphological structure typical for?

A cell of granular endoplasmatic reticulum is at the stage of translation, when mRNA advances to the ribosomes. Amino acids get bound by peptide bonds in a certain sequence thus causing polypeptide biosynthesis. The sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide corresponds with the sequence of:

Treatment of a patient with hereditary form of immunodeficiency involved gene therapy: the enzyme gene was introduced into the cells of the patient by means of a retrovirus. What property of the genetic code allows to use retroviruses as vectors of functional genes?

Carious cavities of a 29-year-old patient contain parasitic protozoa. It is determined that they relate to the Sarcodina class. Specify these single-celled organisms:

When examining a female patient a doctor observed the following: misshapen auricles, elevated palate, teeth growth disorder; mental retardation; no disruption of reproductive function. Provisional diagnosis is the "super woman" syndrome. Point out the karyotype of this disease.

Nucleolus organizers of human chromosomes 13-15, 21, 22 include about 200 gene clusters that synthesize RNA. These chromosomal regions contain the information on the following type of RNA:

As a result of treatment of viral RNA with nitrous acid, UCA triplet mutated to UGA triplet. What kind of mutation occurred?

A concerned mother addressed a pediatrician with complaints of her child suffering from frequent stomachaches, loss of appetite, nausea, constipation. Feces analysis detected rounded eggs with double capsules and oncospheres localized in their centers. The child was diagnosed with hymenolepiasis. Specify the type of infection transmission, considering that the invasion intensity was extremely high:

As a result of treatment of viral RNA with nitrous acid, UCA triplet mutated to UGA triplet. What kind of mutation occurred?

Mother and father are healthy. Mother underwent amniocentesis for fetal karyotyping. The fetal karyotype turned out to be 45, XO. What syndrome can be expected in a newborn baby?

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