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An electronic microphotography shows a renal corpuscle with dendritic cells between the capillaries of choroid glomus. Their cytoplasm contains a large number of filaments. Specify these cells:

A severe injury in a 36-year-old patient resulted in a significant blood loss which was accompanied by a blood pressure drop. What hormones provide rapid recovery of blood pressure after the blood loss?

A microspecimen of heart shows rectangular cells from 50 to 120 micrometer large with central position of nucleus and developed myofibrils. The cells are connected by intercalated discs. These cells are responsible for the following function:

A specimen of the pia mater shows a vessel with no middle membrane in its wall, its outer membrane adheres to the surrounding tissues, the inner membrane is made up of the basal membrane and endothelium. Specify this vessel:

A histological specimen represents an organ whose wall consists of the mucosa, submucosa, fibrocartilage and adventitious cartilage. The organ is lined by pseudostratified ciliary epithelium, the muscular layer of the mucosa is absent, the submucosa contains seromucous glands. Hyaline cartilage C-rings are present. What organ has the described morphological characteristics?

Elderly people often complain of joint pain that can be associated with age related changes of tissue covering the joint surface. What tissue is it?

There is a large amount of effusion in the pericardial cavity of a patient with exudative pericarditis. What cells cause such a phenomenon when their functional activity is disrupted?

A histological specimen represents the parenchyma composed of lymphoid tissue which forms the diffusely arranged lymph nodules with a central artery. What anatomic formation has the given morphological structure?

A 26-year-old woman at 40 weeks’ gestation was admitted to the maternity ward. Examination revealed that the cervix was open, but uterine contractions were absent. The doctor gave her a hormonal drug to induce labor. Specify this drug:

A patient with gastric juice hypersecretion has been recommended to exclude from the diet rich broths and vegetable infused water. A doctor recommended it, because these food products stimulate production of the following hormone:

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