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An electron microphotograph of an enamel organ shows a prismatic cell with developed granular endoplasmatic reticulum and Golgi complex. The apical part of the cell has Tomes process containing secretory granules and small vesicles. Specify the cell:

Osteolaterism is charcterized by a decrease in collagen strength caused by significantly less intensive formation of cross-links in collagen fibrils. This phenomenon is caused by the low activity of the following enzyme:

A 43-year-old female complains of weight loss, hyperhidrosis, low-grade fever, increased irritability. She has been found to have hyperfunction of the sympathetic adrenal system and basal metabolism. These disorders can be caused by hypersecretion of the following hormone:

A married couple complains of inability to have children. Examination revealed that the husband had his spermatogenetic epithelium of a testicle damaged, which caused absence of spermatozoons in his sperm and infertility as a result. Which part of testicle was damaged?

Studying the mitotic cycle phases of an onion root the researchers revealed a cell with chromosomes lying in equatorial plane in form of a star. What phase of mitosis is it?

In the preparation of a 10-day-old human embryo there are 2 contacting sacs visible (amniotic and vitelline). Name the structure situated at the place of the contact:

A histological specimen represents an organ whose wall consists of the mucosa, submucosa, fibrocartilage and adventitious cartilage. The organ is lined by pseudostratified ciliary epithelium, the muscular layer of the mucosa is absent, the submucosa contains seromucous glands. Hyaline cartilage C-rings are present. What organ has the described morphological characteristics?

There is a large amount of effusion in the pericardial cavity of a patient with exudative pericarditis. What cells cause such a phenomenon when their functional activity is disrupted?

A histological preparation of lower jaw shows dentin being formed. Collagen fibers synthesized by odontoblasts are thin and situated perpendicular to dentinal tubules. What fibers are being produced in dentin?

Wound healing is accompanied by the development of a connective tissue cicatrice which is formed on the site of the tissue defect. What cells are responsible forthisprocess?

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