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After the radiactive exposure a patient has stem cells disorder. The regeneration of what cells of friable connective tissue will be damaged?

A 39-year-old patient after radiotherapy because of hepatoma developed ulcer of small intestine. It was caused by the inhibition of mytotic activity of the cells, which are responsible for regeneration of small intestine surface epithelium. Inhibition of what cells mitotic activity does this patient have?

The electronic microphoto of kidney fragment has exposed afferent glomerular arteriole, which has giant cells under its endothelium, containing secretory granules. Name the type of these cells:

A patient because of pathological process has thickened alveolar membrane. What will be reduced directly as a result this?

A patient with hypersecretion of the gastric juices was recomended to exclude concentrated bouillons and vegetable decoctions from the diet because of their stimulation of gastric secretion. What is dominating mechanism of stimulation of secretion in this case?

On autopsy of a still-born infant abnormalities have been revealed: ventricles are not separated, a single arterial trunk originates from the right part. For what class of vertebrates is such heart construction characteristic?

Decreased blood supply to the organs causes hypoxia that activates fibroblasts function. Volume of what elements is increased in this case?

A 50-year-old patient was injured on the occipital region of the head. The closed skull trauma was diagnosed. She was taken to the hospital. The medical examination: deregulation of walking and balance, trembling of arms. What part of brain was injured?

During histological examination of the stomach it was found out that glands contain very small amount of pariental cells or they are totally absent. Mucose membrane of what part of the stomach was studied?

Some diseases reveal symptoms of aldosteronism with hypertension and edema due to sodium retention in the organism. What organ of the internal secretion is affected on aldosteronism?

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