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The cell of the laboratory animal was overdosed with Roentgen rays. As a result albuminous fragments formed in the cytoplasm. What cell organoid will take part at their utilization?

In the blood smear, stained according to Romanovsky-Giemsa method, there are 20\% big (20 mcm in diametre), rounded cells with pale-basophilic cytoplasm and bean-shaped nucleus. How is this condition characterised clinically?

Careless student occasionaly met his dean. The concentration of what hormone will most likely increase in the blood of the student?

Donor skin transplantation was performed to a patient with extensive burns. On the 8-th day the graft became swollen and changed colour; on the 11-th day graft rejection started. What cells take part in this process?

A 50-year-old patient complains of thirst, drinking of a lot of water, marked polyuria. Blood glucose is 4,8mmol/L, urine glucose and acetone bodies are absent, urine is colorless, specific gravity is 1,002-1,004. What is the cause of polyuria?

The increased intraocular tension is observed in the patient with glaucoma. Secretion of aqueous humor by the ciliar body is normal. Injury of what structure of the eyeball wall caused the disorder of flow-out from the anterior chamber?

The B cells of endocrine portion of pancreas are selectively damaged by alloxan poisoning. How will it be reflected in blood plasma?

A tissue sample of benign tumor was studied under the electron microscope. A lot of small (15-20 nm) spherical bodies, consisting of 2 unequal subunits were detected. These are:

A 6-month-old child is suffocating while lying on his back.The palpation on the anterior wall of trachea up to jugular notch of the sternum revealed tumor-like mass, stretching into the anterior mediastinum. What from the belowmentioned can squeeze trachea?

After breathing with poisonous steams there is an increased quantity of slime in respiratory passages of a chemical production worker. What of respiratory tract epithelial cells participate in mucousa moistening?

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