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The prolonged influence of toxic substances on an organism resulted in considerable reduction of the synthesis of proteins in hepatocytes. What organelle did suffer from the intoxication more than others?

Golgi complex exports substances from a cell due to the fusion of the membrane saccule with the cell membrane. The saccule contents flows out. What process is it?

Life cycle of a cell includes the process of DNA replication. As a result of it monochromatid chromosomes turn into bichromatid ones. What period of cell cycle does this phenomenon take place?

While studying maximally spiralized chromosomes of human karyotype the process of cell division was stopped by colchicine in the following phase:

The synthesis of histone proteins was artificially blocked in a cell. What structure of the cell will be damaged?

On the electronic photomicrograph of nervous cells of spinal ganglion it was found organelles with cisterns, flattened in the central part and extended on periphery, with small vesicles. How are these organelles called?

During histochemical research of a hepatocyte it was found cytoplasmic vesicles 0.05-1.5µm in diameter filled with enzymes of peroxide oxidation - catalase, peroxidase. What is the name of organelle?

Labelled amino acids alanine and tryptophane were injected to a mouse in order to study localization of protein synthesis in cells. The labelled amino acids will be accumulated near the following organelles:

Ultramicroscopical examination of "dark" hepatocyte population in the cell cytoplasm detected a developed granular endoplasmic reticulum. What function has this organelle in these cells?

A specimen of an onion rootlet includes a cell in which the fully condensed chromosomes are located in the equatorial plane making a star. What phase of the mitotic cycle is the cell in?

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