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Studying the mitotic cycle phases of an onion root the researchers revealed a cell with chromosomes lying in equatorial plane in form of a star. What phase of mitosis is it?

A puncture sample taken from the lymph node of a patient with preliminary diagnosis of protozoan disease has been investigated. The preparation was processed with Giemsa stain and the following was detected: crescent-shaped bodies with pointed tips, blue cytoplasm and red nuclei. What protozoa have been detected in the preparation?

Ability to divide is characteristic of procariotic and eukaryotic cells. Procariotic cell division is different from that of eukaryotic, but there is one molecular process that is the basis of both types of division. Name this process.

A woman is diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome (karyotype 45, X0). How many autosomal pairs would her somatic cells contain?

Nucleolus organizers of human chromosomes 13-15, 21, 22 include about 200 gene clusters that synthesize RNA. These chromosomal regions contain the information on the following type of RNA:

Genealogical study of a family with hereditary enamel hypoplasia has revealed that the disease occurs in every generation. In women, the anomaly occurs more frequently than in men. Male patients only pass this trait to their daughters. What type of inheritance takes place in this case?

Examples of human-specific parasites are malaria plasmodium, enterobius vermicularis and some other. The source of invasion of such parasites is always a human. Such human-specific parasites cause diseases that are called:

In the armpits of a patient there are small (1-1,5 mm), dorsoventrally flattened, wingless, blood-sucking insects. Their larvae developed in the armpits too. What disease is caused by these insects?

As a result of treatment of viral RNA with nitrous acid, UCA triplet mutated to UGA triplet. What kind of mutation occurred?

During an abdominal surgery a 46-year-old patient working at a meat processing plant was found to have a very dense roundish formation 11 cm in diameter which was localized in the right lobe of the liver. The cross-section of the formation has a porous appearance due to a large number of small vesicles with layers of dense connective tissue. The surrounding tissues have visible necrotic areas and proliferation of granulation tissue including many eosinophils and foreign body giant cells. What disease can be thought of in this case?

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